Responsible Sourcing Audit

A regular combined audit of compliance according the social responsibility requirements of SMETA 4-PILLAR ver. 6.0 and URSA ver. 2.0 performed by Bureau Veritas Certification Ukraine was conducted in Ekoplast LLC. in March, 2019. The mentioned audit is one of the most widely used forms of ethical audits in the world which ensures an independent assessment of the company`s compliance against all applicable laws and regulatory requirements demanded by global players.  

During the audit documenting of the processes in the field of labor protection, civil protection, the level and efficiency of environmental control, the impact on the environment and resources usage of Ekoplast LLC, etc, as well as the implementation of the necessary measures in all office and industrial warehouses of the company were checked.

Ekoplast LLC for the third time since 2014 demonstrates the proper performance and effective implementation of the requirements in spheres controlled by the audit process. The auditor noted the high and proper level of operation of the verified company`s processes as well as based on the results of the personal interviews with the company’s staff he marked the employee’s satisfaction with the good working conditions. The auditor provided with a few recommendations for further development and improvement, too.