Plastic clips


• Designed for closing cooking bags and cooking bags in a roll during food preparation.

• Clips can be used to close plastic bags during packaging of other products, including food products.

• The clip design ensures the optimal cooking process without the need for additional piercing of cooking bags or cooking bags in a roll.

• Suitable for use in electric, gas and microwave ovens.


• Material – heat-resistant PET film, allowed for contact with foodstuffs.

• Heat resistance – 180 °C.

• Sizes:

  - Red clip

  – 113x10 mm, thickness 150 microns.

  - Blue – 113x10 mm, thickness 125 microns.

  - Milk white - 108x10 mm, thickness 125 microns.

• Color: red, milky white, blue.

Packaging is carried out according to the technical specifications of our customers:

- In bulk (single pieces)

- In sets of up to 10 pieces.

- In jumbo rolls.