Plastic clips



Ekoplast LLC produces clips from heat-resistant polymer film (polyethylene terephthalate). Plastic clips can be used in electric, gas, steam and microwave ovens at the temperature up to 200°С/392°F.



-          For packaging arrangement of cooking bags and a cooking bags in a roll. Using our clips eliminates the necessity of piercing cooking bags and cooking bags in a roll ·

-          For packaging arrangement of popcorn, confectionery, baked goods, etc. in bags



Material: heat-resistant PET ·

Sizes: 108 mm х 10 mm, 113 mm х 10 mm

Thickness: 125 or 150 microns

Color: white, blue, red, black


Packaging details can be done according to the Customers` Technical Specification: ·

-          in bulk (single pieces)

-          set/pack of 2,3,4 and more pieces

-          in jumbo rolls