Folded cooking bag



Thanks to the technology, which was developed by our company engineers, cooking bags can be folded to 32x34 mm and 24x50 mm. At the same time, all technical and quality characteristics remain unchanged.

Thanks to super compact method of folding, package of our folded cooking bag becomes more convenient and practical.


·         Material: heat-resistant transparent polymer film (polyethylene terephthalate) allowed for contact   with foodstuffs

·         High temperature resistance up to 200°C/392°F

·         Sizes:
   250x375 mm folded to 32x34 mm
   300x380 mm folded to 24x50 mm

·         The target of seal strength withstands 22 N/15 mm

·         PET clip of our own enterprise production is used

·         Produced on specially developed equipment according to the strict Technical Specification of our   Customers

Ekoplast LLC has developed a new technology of a clip insertion – inside of the cooking bag.

PET clip is inserted automatically in the process of forming the bag, without contact with operator’s   hands.

As plastic clip is inserted directly into the bag, the effect of clinking of bag's layers is   totally excluded.


·         It is easy to find the right side of the bag for final consumer while opening
The edges of the bag are actually opened

·         This method helps to avoid clip losing in the process of bag opening. The consumer takes the clip   out of the bag directly before placing the product into the bag.

·         The clip is good visible from the folded bag’s side. Specialists of your production can visually control   the clip interposition inside of the bag.