Folded cooking bag


• Are used for cooking in electric, gas and microwave ovens.

• Ideal for cooking tasty and healthy food without adding fats.

• Save time and keep the oven clean after cooking.

• The clip design ensures optimal cooking process in the bag.

Thanks to the technology developed by our company, cooking bags can be folded to the size of 34x32 mm and 24x50 mm. At the same time, all technical and quality characteristics of the bag remain unchanged.


• Material – heat-resistant transparent polymer film (polyethylene terephthalate) allowed for contact with foodstuffs.

• Heat resistance – 180 °C.

• Sizes:

  - 380*250 mm folded to 32*34 mm;

  - 380*250mm folded to 24*50mm;

  - 380*300mm folded to 24*50mm;

  - 380*310mm folded to 32*34mm.

• Seal strength – 20N/15mm.

• PET clip of our own production is used.

Specialists of "Ekoplast" LLC have developed a technology of clip insertion inside of the cooking bag:

- The PET clip is inserted automatically during the production process of the bag without contact with the operator’s hands.

- It is easier for the consumer to find the right side of the bag while opening.

- As the plastic clip is inserted directly inside the cooking bag, it makes it impossible for the clip to fall out while the bag is being opened. The consumer takes the clip out of the cooking bag directly before placing the products into it.

- The clip is good visible from the folded bag’s side.

All products of "Ekoplast" LLC are manufactured in accordance with international quality and food safety standards ISO 9001 and the FSSC 22000 certification scheme. Consumer orientation is the core of Ekoplast company’s activities. Therefore, we always understand customer needs, use modern equipment, and cooperate with global companies, that are leaders in the production of PET films.

Pay attention! 

• It is recommended to place the bag 5 cm away from the walls of the oven or the microwave to avoid bag contact with the hot surface.

• Do not turn on the fan (convection mode) in the oven!

• Do not use the bags for cooking on an open fire or grill