Cooking bag in a roll


Our COOKING BAG in a roll is produced according to a specially developed by our engineers technology using a number of KNOW HOW of Ekoplast company.

Application: ·

·                    Cooking (chicken, meat, popcorn, fish, vegetables and fruit) in electric, gas, steam and microwave ovens

·                    Suitable for parboiling and freezing

·                    Meat and fish marinating


·                    Material: heat-resistant transparent polymer film (polyethylene terephthalate) allowed for contact with foodstuffs

·                    Thickness: 12 microns

·                    Sizes: according to the Customers` Technical Specification

·                    High temperature resistance up to 200°C/392°F

·                    Have special self-regulating steam holes and colored tie for clip

·                    Safe for use in electric, gas, steam and microwave ovens


·                    Meat becomes brown without basting

·                    Retain natural food moisture and flavor, preserve vitamins and microelements of baked food.

·                    Used for cooking low-calorie foods without additional fat

·                    Save time and money on soaking and scrubbing pans