Cooking bag with a clip

Cooking bag is made of heat-resistant transparent polymer film (polyethylene terephthalate) allowed for contact with foodstuffs. The thickness of the bag is 12 microns. Size: 25x38 cm. The cooking bag is completed with white heat-resistant polymeric clip.  


· High temperature resistance up to 200°C/392°F

· The target of seal strength withstands 18 N/15 mm

· PET clip of our own enterprise production is used

· Produced on specially developed equipment according to the strict Technical Specifications of our   Customers

Ekoplast LLC. has developed a new technology of a clip insertion – inside of the cooking bag.

· PET clip is inserted automatically in the process of forming the bag, without contact with operator’s   hands.

· As plastic clip is inserted directly into the bag, the effect of sticking together of clinking of bag`s layers is   totally excluded.
- It is easy for final consumer to find the right side of the bag while opening
- The edges of the bag are actually opened

· This method helps to avoid clip losing in the process of bag opening. The consumer takes the clip   out of the bag directly before placing the product into the bag