Cooking bag with a clip

Cooking bag with a clip is made of heat-resistant transparent polymer film (polyethylene terephthalate) allowed for contact with foodstuffs. The thickness of the bag is 12 microns. Size: 25x38 cm. It is completed with white heat-resistant polymeric clip.

Folded cooking bag

Thanks to the technology, which was developed by our company, cooking bags can be folded to 32x34 mm and 24x50 mm. At the same time all technical and quality characteristics remain unchanged.

Cooking bag in a roll

Our COOKING BAG in a roll is produced according to a specially developed by our engineers and patented technology using a number of KNOW HOW of Ekoplast company. They differ from similar products of other producers in their SPECIAL SELF-REGULATING STEAM HOLES..

Plastic clips

Ekoplast LLC. produces clips from heat-resistant polymer film (polyethylene terephthalate). Plastic clips can be used in electric, gas, steam and microwave ovens at the temperature up to 200°С/392°F.