Ekoplast LLC has developed a new technology of a clip insertion – inside of the cooking bag.

Advantages of a new technology:

PET clip is inserted automatically in the process of forming the bag, without contact with operator’s hands. After the clip insertion the bag is folded. 

This method helps to avoid clip losing in the process of bag opening and the clip remains inside of the bag despite all mechanical manipulations. The consumer takes the clip out of the bag directly before food insertion.

As plastic clip is inserted directly into the bag, the effect of sticking together of bag's layers is totally excluded. 

- It is easy for consumer to find the right side of the bag while opening
- The edges of the bag are opened

The clip is good visible from the side of the folded bag. Production specialists can visually control the clip interposition inside of the bag.

Nowadays it is new standard of folded bags manufacturing of Ekoplast LLC. The clip inside of the bag doesn't lose after bag's opening and it gains confidence and trust of final consumer to the product and cause the desire to buy your product next time.